Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unnale Unnale

Cameo appearance in Unnale UnnaleLekha Washington had a cameo appearance in the Tamil movie Unnale Unnale in which Vinay Rai, Sadha & Tanisha play lead roles. Released in 2007, the movie was directed & co-written by Jeeva and produced by Oscar Ravichandran. Unnale Unnale means 'Because Of You' in english and revolves around the aftermath of a relationship between a careless man and a serious woman.

Lekha plays the role of a bride in the cameo appearance in which she kisses Vinay Rai after he improvises a song and further annoys Jhansi, played by Sadha. Lekha appears in the short song Ilamai Ulasam featuring her wedding.

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