Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lekha Washington in FHM

Lekha Washington poses for the Indian version of the FHM magazineLekha made it into the Indian version of FHM as well. For some reason FHM skipped their long list of questions – about Lekha Washington’s movies, her hosting the IPL, why this gorgeous gal didn’t show us more of her amazing figure by wearing the expected female sports commentator’s ‘spaghetti’ attire – and decided to focus on the sexy siren’s sculptor-making talents. Actually, how she could acquire instant fame making life-sized sculptures by dousing people with hot wax like the guy in House of Wax. “I haven’t seen the film, but the next time I’m going to look all scary and take some wax with me. Till now the only person I’ve poured wax on is myself,” she laughs, loading FHM’s brains with really kinky thoughts, before continuing, “I’ve burned my fingers working with resin.”

Q: The main fashion shoot has artists donning black and white threads. How much money would you shell out for a painting?
A: It really depends on the painting, but, yes, I will be willing to shell out an arm for it. Though I don’t think art is something that can be owned – it is something that is a part of everybody’s lives. I don’t feel the need to own art as much as I feel the need to create it.

Q: Our readers’ True Stories concerns a guy over-exerting himself to impress a hot chick. What’s the stupidest thing a guy has done to get your attention?
A: There are lots of stupid things. A guy rode all the way from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on a bike to meet me. Come to think of it, that was actually terribly sweet more than stupid!

Q: Our reviews editor tests out the hot new KTM bike. Ever ridden pillion?
A: I can ride a motorbike you know. But I had a really bad bike accident once and smashed my knee in 14 pieces. Yes... ouch! Ever since I haven’t been riding. Someone I’m very close to is a biker, so I have been riding pillion.

Q: This issue, we give guys several reasons why they ought to spend their entire life with our sexy cover girl Lara Dutta. Gender reversed, which actress would you want to spend the rest of your life with?
A: If I was a guy, I would go down on one knee and asked Angelina Jolie to be with me. (Laughs) She has something that makes every woman want to be with her.

Read the FHM July issue to read the complete interview of Lekha Washington.

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