Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lekha Washington wallpaper #2

Lekha Washington wallpaper #2Download the wallpaper sized 1024x768 of Lekha Washington above by clicking on it. Lekha is seen in a white dress above with flowers in her background. Lekha's thigh is clearly visible in the photoshoot.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lekha in a pink dress

Lekha is seen above in a photoshoot with pink top & black jeans. Pink is the colour of Lekha though she likes to wear red, black & yellow as well. Lekha likes to wear casuals at home and feels the most comfortable in salwar kurta & saree, though she has all types of women's wear in her wardrobe - jeans, skirts, tops, sarees, t-shirts, formals, etc.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lekha on a scooty

Lekha Washington is seen here riding a scooty on roads in Chennai. Actually, this is a still from a movie otherwise guys would have started following Lekha and people on bikes & cars would also have come into the picture. In reality, it's hard to find actresses who drive scooty. Earlier, Preity Zinta & Sania Mirza have been on a scooty apart from Lekha Washington.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lekha Washington wallpaper #1

Lekha Washington wallpaper #1Download the wallpaper of Lekha Washington from above by clicking on it. The wallpaper is sized 1024x768. Lekha is seen above in a pinkish pullover which is coming off her right shoulder.

Monday, August 10, 2009

At the times of IPL

At the times of IPL, Lekha didn't just get a chance to be known all amongst the cricket lovers and creme de la cream cricket players but also people who had a stake in IPL teams such as Juhi Chawla, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan & Shahrukh Khan. It was that time when she really started getting offers from Bollywood. Find here the picture from the cricket ground where Lekha is seen giving commentary on the match. Actually, she was being compared to Mandira who uses to host world cup matches. (May be this is the reason that Mandira got a makeover.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Like to travel with Lekha

Would you like to travel with Lekha? Who would not we heard. Even we don't know where's she going in the express bus above otherwise we will have boarded the bus with her. Find Lekha Washington above giving a cute smile to all of her fans.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lekha in a red dress

Lekha is seen above in a red dress. She looks hot, pretty, cool, sexy..... and what you would say guys... tell us!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All my works are surreal

When Lekha got admitted to NID, Ahmedabad, and started pursuing the course in Sculpting, she realized that she already has much talent in sculpting as she had ben pursuing it as a hobby since childhood. After giving a complete year to the sculpting course, she again took admission into the Advertising & Filmmaking section of NID and started the course afresh to pursue her childhood dream of acting & film-making. Lekha says that all of her sculptures were surreal, a fantasy world of escapism most of us have, don't we?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Lekha got inspired by Narnia

We are not artistic and don't have an insight into the feelings of an artist or sculptor. When we had a glance of this piece of art sculpted by Lekha we thought that she must have been inspired by Narnia for sure to sculpt this piece of work. Any guesses guys what this is!!! It has been made by Lekha Washington at her apartment in one of the posh localities of Chennai. Keep guessing!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Burmese harp by Lekha

Guess what's the object above. Even we hadn't heard of this but only Lekha revealed that it's a personalized & smaller version of a Golden Burmese harp which are usually 5 feet taller. Burmese harp is a musical instrument played in Burma and it was a project completed by Lekha during her days of NID. She doesn't know how to play it though!! :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In a white saree

Lekha is seen above in a white saree when she participated in a wedding ceremony. The girl is looking cool, simple & sexy. Not many actresses like to wear saree and looking at her name people may say that Lekha should be a glam girl but has not been into Washington, USA, yet, though she is open to glamourous roles in Bollywood or Tollywood movies.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lekha in a pink dress

The Unnale Unnale actress Lekha Washington is seen above in a pink dress during a photo shootout. The girl will soon be seen opposite Rajeev Khandelwal of Aamir fame in Peter Gaya Kaam Se. Lekha wants to work with Rajnikanth in future if she gets a chance.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lekha on the cover of Southside

Lekha Washington can be seen above on the cover of the magazine Southside. According to the interviewer, he chased Lekha for over two months and only then could she take out time for the Southside photoshoot & interview. The photoshoot happened to be on a beach in Chennai and the South Indian beauty seemed very comfortable with the photoshoot and revealing about herself.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lekha Washington topless photo

Did you note that hot beauty Lekha Washington is topless above. Though, she is wearing some artwork or tattoo. The above photo tells how hot & photogenic is Lekha.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lekha plays with sand

That's not stars I'm playing with but sand.Lekha picks some beach sand for the photoshoot of the Southside magazine & interview. It seems that she's saying, "That's not stars I'm playing with but sand".

Lekha on cricket ground

Lekha is seen here on the cricket practice grounds during the IPL matches. She hosted the IPL matches for the first season and since then has been active in Bollywood. See closely, there's a small tilak on the forehead of Lekha.

Lekha Washington cleavage pics

Lekha exhibits her metropolitan glamour by unbuttoning a few of the buttons of her top and baring her cleavage for her fans. Isn't she looking hot & sexy in the pink top above with the combination of black jeans. Lekha's cleavage is barely visible though!!!

When Lekha was a VJ

Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #1
Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #2
Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #3
Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #4
Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #5
Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #6
Lekha Washington as a VJ in the SS Music office #7Above are a few snaps of Lekha when she used to be a VJ for SS Music. It was a very short stint of Lekha as a VJ there because she wanted to be an actress and considered to be on a wrong track while VJing. She still owes much credit of her success to SS Music and doesn't participate or promote any events that are in direct competition to the music shows that she used to host as a VJ.

Lekha Washington in FHM

Lekha Washington poses for the Indian version of the FHM magazineLekha made it into the Indian version of FHM as well. For some reason FHM skipped their long list of questions – about Lekha Washington’s movies, her hosting the IPL, why this gorgeous gal didn’t show us more of her amazing figure by wearing the expected female sports commentator’s ‘spaghetti’ attire – and decided to focus on the sexy siren’s sculptor-making talents. Actually, how she could acquire instant fame making life-sized sculptures by dousing people with hot wax like the guy in House of Wax. “I haven’t seen the film, but the next time I’m going to look all scary and take some wax with me. Till now the only person I’ve poured wax on is myself,” she laughs, loading FHM’s brains with really kinky thoughts, before continuing, “I’ve burned my fingers working with resin.”

Q: The main fashion shoot has artists donning black and white threads. How much money would you shell out for a painting?
A: It really depends on the painting, but, yes, I will be willing to shell out an arm for it. Though I don’t think art is something that can be owned – it is something that is a part of everybody’s lives. I don’t feel the need to own art as much as I feel the need to create it.

Q: Our readers’ True Stories concerns a guy over-exerting himself to impress a hot chick. What’s the stupidest thing a guy has done to get your attention?
A: There are lots of stupid things. A guy rode all the way from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on a bike to meet me. Come to think of it, that was actually terribly sweet more than stupid!

Q: Our reviews editor tests out the hot new KTM bike. Ever ridden pillion?
A: I can ride a motorbike you know. But I had a really bad bike accident once and smashed my knee in 14 pieces. Yes... ouch! Ever since I haven’t been riding. Someone I’m very close to is a biker, so I have been riding pillion.

Q: This issue, we give guys several reasons why they ought to spend their entire life with our sexy cover girl Lara Dutta. Gender reversed, which actress would you want to spend the rest of your life with?
A: If I was a guy, I would go down on one knee and asked Angelina Jolie to be with me. (Laughs) She has something that makes every woman want to be with her.

Read the FHM July issue to read the complete interview of Lekha Washington.

Interview with Behind Woods

Lekha Washington has been interviewed by Behind Woods, here are the excerpts of the interview:

Q: You’re a trained actress?
A: I studied film at NID. I always wanted to act, and my first gig was as a VJ. And now Jayam Kondaan – please go see it!

Q: Your native place?
A: Chennai. Born and brought up here. I’m actually part Maharastrian, part Italian, part Burmese – a mixed blood! But I’ll always consider myself a Chennai girl.

Q: Were you a model?
A: Not for long. Couple of ads. I began with VJ-ing, really.

Q: How did you come to acting?
A: I have always loved to pretend to be another person. And I’ve always wanted to act. My parents said – don’t go to the cinema field, its bad – but my desire never died, and here I am.

Q: Why did you choose Tamil cinema?
A: Chennai is a safe place. It’s home. Besides, we aren’t rich to go off to Mumbai, and become a star or whatever. Chennai was home and an easy place to start.

Q: How did Jayam Kondaan come about?
A: The movie’s director, Kannan sir, liked my VJ-ing, and asked me to come act. He said I would really like the character he wanted me to play.

Q: What is your character like?
A: Not like a regular Tamil girl. If you see the movie you’ll notice. Everyone first said why are you doing a sister’s role rather than heroine – it’s a complex character – not many opportunities come your way – if you get one you grab it.

Q: You’ve done a terrific job.
A: Thanks! All credit to Kannan sir, who envisioned this character of a stubborn, selfish girl. He trained me, encouraged me. The maximum training went into learning to be a left handed person. I’m right handed, and for the character I had to learn to write in the left hand and use the left hand. Tough.

Q: On what the industry and friends have said about your performance.
A: A lot of people had good things to say. I won’t name them here. My friends were nicely surprised that I could act well.

Q: Your very first movie is by Mani Ratnam’s assistant.
A: Mani sir has groomed Kannan really well. Kannan is a fabulous director – easy to work with, yet firm, and he’s written such a good character.

Q: Do you like reading?
A: I read a lot. Milan Kundera, graphic novels, Neil Gaiman is my favorite.

Q: Your role model?
A: Don’t have one person. I respect different people for different reasons.

Q: Movies you liked?
A: I liked The Namesake, Mumbai Meri Jaan, and Maddy’s Evanao Oruvan, My preference is not for mainstream films.

Q: Acting with Rajini?
A: Who wouldn’t want to.

Q: What do people say about you?
A: I’m myself –honest. They can say what they want to. I remain myself.

Q: How did you get an exotic name like Washington?
A: There’s no mystery to that. My father’s name is Washington – I have never even been to the U.S!

Q: Would you do glam roles?
A: It all depends on the character. I’d dance, but I prefer something challenging.

Q: Have you met Nayan, Trisha, Asin….?
A: I know some of them. No, no, should not say who. What I want to say is that every woman acting in Tamil cinema is very strong, clear headed – and all of them have my respect.

Q: Who else would you like to act with?
A: Everyone!

Q: Other projects?
A: Let’s see. A lot of talk is on at the moment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Q: Whatever happened to that Simbu film?
A: The Simbu film is not complete – you have to ask Simbu why. And my character there is not a step down – don’t know why many people think so. It’s just a different character.

Unnale Unnale

Cameo appearance in Unnale UnnaleLekha Washington had a cameo appearance in the Tamil movie Unnale Unnale in which Vinay Rai, Sadha & Tanisha play lead roles. Released in 2007, the movie was directed & co-written by Jeeva and produced by Oscar Ravichandran. Unnale Unnale means 'Because Of You' in english and revolves around the aftermath of a relationship between a careless man and a serious woman.

Lekha plays the role of a bride in the cameo appearance in which she kisses Vinay Rai after he improvises a song and further annoys Jhansi, played by Sadha. Lekha appears in the short song Ilamai Ulasam featuring her wedding.

About 'Peter Gaya Kaam Se'

'Peter Gaya Kaam Se' is the debut movie of Lekha Washington as an actress and directorial debut of John Owen who has been with Channel [V]. The movie is produced by Ronnie Screwvale. Lekha has been into directing documentaries & short films and is also doing 1 Tamil & 1 Telugu movie whereas Rajeev Khandelwal who's opposite to Lekha in Peter Gaya Kaam Se is best known for Aamir. The romantic thriller is oxygen for Rajeev as well as he as got the chance to have an actress opposite her which he didn't get in Aamir.

The movie is about two people in Goa on a bike ride where Lekha plays a tourist who hires the bike from Rajeev.

On getting the role in the movie Lekha says that she went for the first audition & was shortlisted. She gave two more auditions - one with Rajeev Khandelwal to see their screen presence, in which she was selected, and the other one in which she had to do three scenes during the audition to see how well she can emote and look good as well. There was a two-month workshop where Lekha & Rajeev went through all the scenes and dialogues over and over again. They rehearsed and enacted all the scenes. Plus, she had to do a lot of fitness training as well and learnt kick boxing.

On Rajeev Khandelwal, Lekha says that he is fun to work with and has a good sense of humour and is a thorough professional.

Remembering a few things while shooting for the movie Lekha says that she burnt her leg on the exhaust pipe and faced most difficulty in a scene where she had to fall on a pile of fish, a counter & finally on the ground. She kept falling and there was no safety at all. She was worried that she would land on my head & was really petrified before doing the scene.

The whole shooting in Goa was fabulous and Lekha & Rajeev enjoyed Goa bike ride for some 6 months.

More about Lekha Washington

Lekha was born & brought up in Chennai and is the daughter of a Maharashtrian mother and a half Burmese & half Italian father. She studied in Chennai and later went to Ahmedabad to pursue a course in film-making from the National Institute of Designing.

She had dreams of acting since she was 8 and participated in school plays & drama since she was fond of acting. According to Lekha herself she was an awkward looking kid and resembled a tomboy. After completing her education she took up sculptoring professionally and has been a VJ for the music based Tamil shows which are now called PCO and Connect. Soon, she got the chance to host the first season of the Indian Premier League and therein she got the chance to meet Bollywood stars & started getting offers from Bollywood.

She has shot some 12 short documentary films.

Meet Lekha Washington

Meet Lekha Washington - she is part Maharashtrian, part Burmese and part Italian and she is the newest face of Bollywood. Lekha would be seen romancing with Rajeev Khandelwal in the movie Peter Gaya Kaam Se which is Rajeev's 2nd movie after Aamir & 1st movie with a female actress and it's the Bollywood debut movie of Lekha Washington as well.

Lekha is not new to the silver screen and having done theatre, directing documentary films, veejaying and hosting the first season of Indian Premier League her confidence is high. She has also been into sculptoring and has acted in Tamil movie Jayam Kondaan and Telugu movie Vedam.